October 5

Sustainable paths for EU increased climate and energy ambition
Enel Foundation will present the results of the study to Ambassador Quaroni, Permanent Representative of Italy to the EU

Benefits of physical and regulatory regional integration of electricity markets

Enel Foundation will present the South American continental study of the series on VRES and grid interconnections as well as the complementary paper on the effects of COVID in the region during a virtual closed-door event.


October 6

Study on distributional effects of EU climate policies

Enel Foundation will contribute to a digital event and present a study that aims to understand how EU's decarbonization and electrification policies affect different societal groups across different regions and how to develop practical policy recommendations to reconcile potentially conflicting environmental, economic and societal policy objectives.


October 7

VRES deployment in Zambia

Enel Foundation will present at a webinar a RES Grid Integration Study carried out in Zambia together with CESI and local stakeholders.

Virtual Sustainable Finance Policy Summit

Enel Foundation will participate to the Virtual Sustainable Finance Policy Summit, to present the main findings of the study "Connecting Shared Value to Shareholder Value through Hybrid Metrics" run by Prof. Kramer.

Online workshop Smart City Observatory on facility management and digital technologies for smart building in Covid-19 times

Online workshop on facility management and digital technologies for smart building in Covid-19 times, that will be held by Bocconi University’s Smart City Observatory of which Enel Foundation is a Founding Member.


October 10

ASviS online prize assignment for “Just Transition”

Enel Foundation will receive by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) the “Just Transition” prize for Open Africa Power.


October 20

Extreme E

Enel Foundation announces that will be scientific partner of the Extreme E, the international electric racing carried out in some of the most remote corners of the planet to highlight the climate change challenges faced by different ecosystems.


October 21

Energy for Water

Enel Foundation will present the first study in Italy that draws a national strategy of water supply security, showing the contribution that energy sector could give to preserve this resource.


October 26-30

Harvard Workshop

Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) and Enel Foundation are collaborating on a project intended to advance understanding of important challenges in energy, environmental, and natural resource policy and together will hold the first virtual workshop on these topics.