Presentation of the report on Integration of Variable Renewable Energy in Ethiopia

March 7th, Addis Ababa

Presentation of a new research on the integration of Variable Renewable Energy in the National Electric System of Ethiopia by Enel Foundation and RES4Africa. The joint research project looks at the scenarios for the increasing penetration of wind and photovoltaic generation in the mid-long term, looking at 2025 and 2030, to ensure reliability, integrity and efficiency of the country’s electric power system.


Enel Foundation @ Global Session of the UN Science-Policy-Business Forum on the Environment

March 8th-10th, Nairobi

Enel Foundation participates at the UN SPB Forum on the Environment. The Forum on the Environment is a platform with over 2000 member institutions and is designed to catalyze a more dynamic interface between science, policy, business and society by building consensus around key issues and by tearing down traditional barriers between these sectors.


7th ELAEE Conference

March 11th, Buenos Aires

Giuseppe Montesano, Deputy Director at Enel Foundation, will speak at the Plenary Session on “Power Market Design with Conventional and Renewable Coexistence". ELAEE is the Latin American energy economics meeting of IAEE (International Association for Energy Economics).


EF knowledge partner of Florence School of Regulation at the Global Forum on Energy Word Transition

March 25th-28th, Florence

EF will be the ‘Knowledge Partner’ of the first FSR Global Forum contributing to the program and coordinating a specific session on resilience. The forum will be attended by 100 executive representatives from government agencies, regulatory bodies, energy companies, development organizations and academics. 


Electrify Italy

March 27th, Florence

Public Presentation of "Electrify Italy" book, from a research project by Enel Foundation, Politecnico di  Torino and MIT. The presentation will be done with a dedicated side event hosted during FSR Global Forum in Florence (25-28 March).


Roundtable on DSOs

March 28th, Florence

During the FSR Global Forum that will be held in Florence, EF will organize a roundtable on DSOs.


Axa Bocconi Seminar 2019

March 27th, Milan

Axa-Bocconi Seminar, in collaboration with Enel Foundation, will discuss "Smart e resilient cities. How to better protect the city of the future?". The event is the annual meeting on the great challenges of the risk society, in the framework of the permanent Axa Chair on Risks held by Prof. Massimo Marinacci @ Bocconi University.