João Duarte

Deputy Director

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João Duarte holds a MsC on stakeholder management and public relations (New University of Lisbon, 2005) and an Advanced Studies Diploma in communication Studies awarded by Madrid’s Complutense University (2005) as part of his PhD studies. He also holds a post-graduation on Crisis Management (Lisbon’s Polytechnic Institute, 2004) and his academic background took him to lecture several undergraduate and postgraduate courses at different Universities across Europe. 

João Duarte is a seasoned PR and communications manager with more than 16 years and of experience in the public and private sector, with a vast exposure to international contexts. He joined Enel in 2008 and had different roles in the global communications area, having led or directly participated in key projects for the multinational transformation of the Group. Before joining the Enel Foundation in January 2018, João was directly responsible for the global rebranding of the Enel Group and the deployment of a new global sponsorship strategy.