George Badea




George Badea holds a LL.B. in Law from the University of Bucharest and a LL.M. in European Law from the University of Amsterdam. Before joining Enel he worked in various roles across private and public sector and NGO on energy & business, public policy & legal, project drafting & management, research & innovation. He also managed his own start-up and has an extensive publication activity. He has built his expertise in the electricity sector on competition & unbundling, renewables, energy efficiency, microgeneration, prosumers, NZEB, LCA, smart grids & cities, climate changes.

He is a member of the Romanian Association for Law and European Affairs from the Romanian Academy and country expert for Milieu Ltd.

George joined Enel Romania in April 2016 as Legal Adviser on Innovation and is an Enel Foundation Fellow since December 2016.

George's Fellowship research is based on: analyzing the changes that are needed to accommodate Smart Grids in the Internal Electricity Market since the existing European legal framework regulates the unidirectional flow of energy and information while the very basis of Smart Grids implies a bidirectional flow of both energy and information.