Raffaele Troise




After receiving his Laurea degree (summa cum laude) in Physics from the University Federico II of Naples, Raffaele began to do research in 2007 in Theoretical Physics, joining the INFN Institute. In this period he was in several research centers such as ETH of Zurich or CERN of Genève doing scientific collaborations and producing papers, published in international scientific journals. At the beginning of 2011 he obtained his Ph.D. degree from University Federico II of Naples.

In 2011 Raffaele also began his career as Data Scientist in a start-up company in Rome, involved in projects aimed to use Artificial Intelligence systems in the banking sector. His career continued as Data Science consultant in several business sectors such as marketing, retail, ICT and in the energy sector he worked on forecasting models of demand and supply curves, together with risk models for the energy management.

In 2014 he joined ENEL in Market Italy, involved in projects of marketing data science about the behavior of the customer base with respect to both traditional and new business of ENEL ENERGIA. Since 2016 Raffaele moved to the ENEL Administration Finance and Control in the Macroeconomic Energy Analysis and Forecasting unit, working on quantitative modeling of macroeconomic and energetic issues.

Raffaele's Fellowship research is based on: promoting an innovative country economic-energy risk methodology where the classic variables used in literature (i.e. gdp per capita, BoP, income distribution, access to electricity, installed capacity etc.) are combined with a new wave of quantitative KPI’s implemented to capture the effects of the “fourth industrial revolution” on country economic performances.