Riccardo Melandri




Born in Rome and an Italian citizen, he graduated “cum Laude” In theoretical physics at the Rome university “La Sapienza” where he was awarded by the Accademia nazionale dei Lincei of a grant in remembrance of prof. Enrico Persico. 

After an experience in the Italian Air Force where he served as technical officer in the Starfighter F-104 Italian Main Maintenance Center, he joined ENEL in 1984, beginning his career in the nuclear sector where he won the selection for the position of Head of Reactor Unit of the under construction Montalto di Castro NPP. After one year spent in the R&D department, he joined, in 1990, the National Control Center, CNC (now TERNA) in charge to develop load demand forecasting methodologies, grid planning and statistical analysis. During the years at the CNC he developed the first ENEL’s automatic load demand forecasting system and began to build his interest in complex systems modelling.

In 1996 he joined the Health & Safety Department of the Generation function where, in charge of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, he acted as a coordinator of the Technical Committee of the Eurelex project, a joint effort among EDF, ENEL and UNESA and some of the main European academic institutes in occupational health, to develop a common framework for occupational epidemiology in power sector. In year 2000, attracted by the challenges offered by the incoming launch of the Italian power market, he joined the Energy Management unit of ENEL Produzione where headed the 1st team of market analysis inside the Group. Finally, in 2005 he joined the Insurance unit of the Group where he is currently responsible of the Insurance Strategy and Managing Director of ENEL Insurance NV. He is also member of the board of EMANI, the European mutual for nuclear insurance.

Among his relevant educational qualifications are: a postgraduate certificate in Control System Theory (Uni “La Sapienza”, Rome, 1988), a postgraduate certificate in Cognitive Psichology and Neural networks (Uni “La Sapienza”, Rome, 1994), a postgraduate certificate in System control dynamics (University of Catalunya, 2006), a Young Managers Master, (INSEAD, 2006) and a Diplôme en Droit Nucleaire (Université de Montpellier, 2007).

Riccardo's Fellowship research is based on: elaborating a feasibility study on the realization of an electric vehicle 100% ENEL based on the use of the OSV (Open Source Vehicle) platform. Design of a market strategy and a business plan for the production phase, in case the feasibility study is positive.