Claudio Pregagnoli




Born in Rome in 1960, he served as Italian Army officer and, among other things, was involved in the emergency of the earthquake in Irpinia in 1980. 

He has a degree in Physics and an MSc in Scientific Computing from Rome University “La Sapienza”. He also attended several advanced courses in Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Machine Learning. 

In ENEL since 1983, first working as Computer Engineer in the department involved in the construction of nuclear power plants. He worked later in the National Control Center (now owned by TERNA but at that time was part of ENEL organization) dealing with activities related to the design and development of tools for demand forecasting, power dispatching, mitigation of the risks due to weather impacts on electric network.

Later, he gave his decisive contribution to the birth of the analysis of electricity markets in ENEL, developing tools for market simulation and price forecasting and he was then involved in several IT projects as program manager. 

In 2009 he joined Enel Green Power in its start-up phase where he set up the IT systems for Energy Management in the Italy company area, developing also the forecasting models for hydroelectric power production. 

He designed the Energy Management System for the experimentation related of the utilization of a battery storage connected to  a renewable plant in Italy (Solar power plant in Catania, wind power plant near Potenza)  directing also the implementation project. 

At moment he is in ENEL Holding dealing with macroeconomic analysis and forecasting.

Claudio's Fellowship research is based on: "Exploring the new diversified and heterogeneous economic and energy relations among different participants in the electricity market through the lens of Agent Base Modelling tool as a more suitable way to capture the whole range of opportunities coming from the new energy context, following the observation that classical modelling techniques fail to capture market characteristics such as supply and demand fluctuations and non-storability of electricity".