Oriol Nel.lo




Oriol Nel.lo (Barcelona, 1957) is Professor Departament de Geografia Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain) - in leave of absence.

Current occupation

 Secretary of spatial planning of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. His responsibilities include the co-ordination of territorial and urban planning the regional level, as well as the development of land, landscape and urban redevelopment policies.

 Also holding other public positions, the most outstanding being:

- Vice-President. Catalan Land Institute

- Vice-President, Cartographic Institute of Catalonia

- Vice-President, Geological Survey Institute of Catalonia

- President, Geomatics Institute

- President, Institute for Territorial Studies

- Member, Board of Management of the Metropolitan Transport Authority of Barcelona

- Member, Board of Management of the Railways of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.


 Graduate in Geography, Autonomous University of Barcelona. 1981

 Master of Arts in International Affairs, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore-Bologna, 1988

 Ph.D. in Geography, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2006

Research activity

 Research fellow, Center for Metropolitan Planning and Research, Johns

Hopkins University, Baltimore (1984-1985)

 Research fellow, Institute of Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (1985-


 Director, Institute of Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona (1988-1999)

Teaching activity

 Since 1988 professor of the Department of Geography of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

 He has also given courses and conferences in numerous Universities in Spain and abroad, including:

- London School of Economics and Political Science

- Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia

- Erasmus University, Rotterdam

- Instituto Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa, Lisbon

Public positions

 Member of the Parliament of Catalonia, in the sixth (1999-2003) and seventh (2003-2004) legislatures.

 Since December 2003 Secretary for Spatial Planning, Autonomous Government of Catalonia.



His works include a number of books and articles on administrative organisation and territorial planning, with special reference to the development of the Barcelona urban area and other Spanish major cities. Among the most recent publications are:

o Catalunya, ciutat de Ciutats (Catalonia, city of cities) Lleida, Milenio.

o Aquí no! Els conflictes territorials de Catalunya (No here! Spatial conflicts of Catalonia) Barcelona, Empúries.

o Lletres de batalla. Política i territori a Catalunya (Fighting words. Policy and territory in Catalonia), Lleida, Milenio.

o “Spain”, in Leo van den Berg (dir) National Urban Policies in the European Union

o Canvi de Segle, canvi de cicle. Les grans ciutats espanyoles al llindar del segle XXI (Change of century, change of cycle. Major Spanish cities at the dawn of the 21st. century)

Scientific organisations

Member of scientific societies including:

 Institute d’Estudis Catalans

 Catalan Society for Spatial Planning

 Catalan Geographical Society

 Geographers College of Spain.