Round Table in Aspen Institute Italia on Sustainable Mobility

La mobilita sostenibile in Italia: scenari di sviluppo e fattori abilitanti

Daniela Di Rosa (Enel Foundation); Roberto Menotti (Aspen Institute Italia); Mariano Morazzo (Enel Foundation)



- “L’e-mobility - Mercati e policies per un’evoluzione silenziosa” – O. Baccelli, R. Galdi, G. Grea- CERTeT Bocconi & Enel Foundation; preface by F. Starace and D. Nardella

The analysis of road based transport trends has shown that electricity consumption will grow by 2050 to up to 8.6% of total energy consumption in the road sector, representing the segment for which in the medium to long run growth will be more intense. From 2030 to 2050 there is a predicted worldwide increase in electricity consumption related to transport by a factor of ten.

Starting from the analysis of the evolution of economic trends and the innovations expected in the e-mobility industry, the project holds the twofold objective of estimating the evolving dynamics of the electric vehicles market at national level with a time horizon of 2020 to 2035 and to identify possible policy scenarios and policy measures that support these dynamics in order to maximize their impact.

The book can be bought here: link.

- “Apriamo la strada al trasporto elettrico nazionale” – G. Azzone, P. Secchi, D. Zaninelli - Politecnico di Milano & Enel Foundation; preface by F. Starace

The development of an adequate public charging infrastructure is considered to be the key element in the effective diffusion of private electrical mobility in Europe and Italy (where the private vehicle refers also to company fleets, but not to public services).The presence of charging infrastructure is the factor that makes it possible for electric vehicles to circulate and contributes to overcoming the so-called anxiety range, ie the anxiety of an electric vehicle driver "terrified" by the limited battery life guaranteed by today's batteries.

This book can be downloaded from the link below.

Apriamo la strada al trasporto elettrico nazionale

G. Azzone, P. Secchi, D. Zaninelli - Politecnico di Milano & Enel Foundation; preface by F. Starace