Discussing Environmentally Sound Technologies at Tech Share Day

“As highlighted by our Director, promoting open dialogue and cross-fertilization between corporate and academic worlds is key to contribute to a clean energy future. ”

– Christian Zulberti, Head of Relation with Universities and Research Centers

The roundtable followed a special contribution by Anna Tampieri, President of ENEA Tech Foundation, who shared her views on the synergies between innovative technologies and the wider innovation ecosystem at a national and international level.

The three-day event, held online, featured opinion leaders from the energy sector discussing how tech innovation can foster positive change and deal with progress blockers. The technologies that were under the spotlight are those that address current sustainability issues and pose as solutions to challenges encountered in the sector. The challenges that have been discussed concern Agricultural Management, Energy and Transport, Alternative Energy, Environmental Biotechnology, Pollution Abatement, Eco-Architecture, and Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing.

The aim of TSD is to support the growth of the Green Economy, pillar of public investment policies on a global scale; to promote the Technology Transfer of Clean Technologies, which can help save the planet; and to create investment opportunities for inventions developed by universities and public research bodies.