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SIEBEL Energy Institute

SIEBEL Energy Institute



The Siebel Energy Institute is a global consortium for innovative and collaborative energy research.

The Institute funds cooperative and innovative research grants in data analytics, including statistical analysis and machine learning, to accelerate advancements in the safety, security, reliability, efficiency and environmental integrity of modern energy systems.

In 2017, grants were awarded to 14 different research projects on energy related topics ranging from smart grids, to electric vehicles, blockchain based metering, building management, resiliency, etc. (link).

Enel Foundation is proud to signal that two of its strategic partners each recieved two grants from this year's program:

  • UC Berkeley with "Incorporating Real-time Thermal Comfort and Indoor Occupancy into Building Management Systems" & "Informing Occupants and Modifying Their Behavior Through Energy and Air Quality Sensing"), and
  • Politecnico di Torino with "Big Data Platform for FFCS Design: From Gas to Electric" & "Multi-modal Crowd Sensing to Monitor Buildings in Smart Cities"

Proof, where needed, of the high level of research advanced by Enel's partner network.