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Giuliano Rancilio


Giuliano holds a Master’s degree in Energy Engineering from Politecnico di Milano University.

He implemented his studies with work experience, as researcher assistant in the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano, and as trainee in the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. His activities also involve technical consultancy to firms and institutions in the field of the regulation of electricity markets and the effective deployment of distributed energy resources.

Actually, Giuliano is going to complete his PhD in Electrical Engineering, on “Electricity markets in the presence of RES, energy storage systems and e-mobility charging processes”, also supported by Enel Foundation grant.

The project aims to define the best arrangements for the evolution of Ancillary Services Markets in the  direction  of  integrating  Energy  Storage  Systems  and  other  units,  such  as  Diffuse  Generation, as  new  players.  The  project  will  analyze  the  possible  improvements  from  both  the  system perspective  and  the  new  units  one.

He also participated as author in texting publications. He is among the lecturers of the courses “Regulation of Electric Power Systems” and “Smart Grids and Regulation for Renewable Energy Sources” at Politecnico.