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Silvia Corigliano


Silvia holds a summa cum laude Master’s degree in Electric Engineering from Politecnico di Milano University.

She coupled her studies with an internship at the consulting firm “Energy Efficiency”, and then with a collaboration with the “Technische Universität Muchen” via the Erasmus program.

Actually, Silvia is enrolled in a PhD in Electrical Engineering, at Politecnico di Milano University, also supported by Enel Foundation grant; her course is about “Appropriate methodology to model interactions among microgrids and national power grids in the Global South”.

The research aims to develop a comprehensive methodology for energy planning in rural areas of developing countries and to study and propose effective solutions for the integration of microgrids in the national grid. The focus is on the regulatory standpoint with the final goal of providing guidelines to grid operators and regulators to improve countries’ grid codes.

She also collaborated as an author in texting three publications, related to microgrid design and energy planning.