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Fabrizio Bonemazzi


Fabrizio Bonemazzi is an energy expert with a 30+ experience in electric grids and power generation, in particular variable renewables such as wind and solar.

After a master degree in electrical engineering from University of Roma “La Sapienza”, his professional career started in 1988 with a ten year experience in distribution grids, from planning and design to construction and operation.

From the year 2000 he participated to the creation of a startup company in Enel Group dedicated to beyond the meter solutions. In this stimulating environment he acquired technical, commercial and marketing skills on retail and C&I products and installations and such as HVAC systems, heating systems, lighting, UPS, power line broadband solutions and many other similar.

He dealt with solar thermal, solar PV and mini wind solutions having the possibility to scout worldwide market and selecting more innovative and competitive solutions. In those years a special passion for solar PV arose in him, entering in contact with the main stakeholders of the market, being part of solar association at national and European level, having the opportunity to cover specific roles and to be co-author of several articles and publications.

In 2011 he joined Enel Green Power, moving to large utility scale renewable plants. He had the opportunity to head the Solar PV design unit and after the entire engineering unit at global level, taking care of 100 GW+ design of renewable plants worldwide. In 2019 he took care of the construction of wind, solar and BESS plants in Europe for almost 2 GW.

In addition, from 2015 he had the opportunity to be part of Global Sustainable Energy Partnership alliance (GSEP) as project committee responsible for ENEL and from 2018 lecturer in Open Africa Power Enel Foundation initiative.

On September 2022 he left ENEL and began to collaborate with several organizations as renewable energy and power sector expert.