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Smart Technologies: Empowering Networks!


Buenos Aires, February 18th, 2017

The 2nd Edition of the International Workshop entitled “Smart Technologies: Empowering Networks!” was  held on February 17th in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in combination with the Formula E Grand Prix in Puerto Madero on February 18th.  The event,   articulated in three panels, was centered on Smart grids and innovative technologies for energy networks, from smart metering to storage and active demand management, to explore the main challenges of the grids of the future and stimulate the debate among different stakeholders.

The first panel “ Smart Grids: Legislation, Regulation and Policies “  aimed at exploring the main issues of smart grid standardization and regulation, and it compared  the normative frameworks  and the Regulators’ views  in five Latin-American countries.

The second panel “Smart metering” provide an overview on smart meters, corner stone of Smart power Grids, and a key building block for our Smarter Cities of tomorrow. In this frame it was presented the Enel experience, as global driver of Smart Meter development and deployment since 2001, having installed to date around 40 Million intelligent meters in Europe and more recently in Latin America.

The last panel,” Smart Solutions for Energy Networks” highlights some of the main technological developments of recent years, showing new perspectives in urban services, mobility and smart cities. Millions of interactions between smart devices and sensors are now enabling sustainability, efficiency and security of electricity supply.

During the event representatives of Institutions, global organizations and the private sector analyzde the evolution of the power industry’s distribution networks and the ongoing technological development and innovative thinking  taking place within the sector today.