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Cutting edge resilience project in San Ginesio


Portonovo, 22nd July, 2017

Based on Enel Foundation’s studies on resilience and geographical smart mapping - a powerful tool to describe reality, run scenario analysis to assess risk reduction measures, guide maintenance and  facilitate coordination in emergency situations -  Enel Foundation together with Fondazione Merloni, Ericsson and e-distribuzione have developed a Geographic information system (GIS) platform for the city of San Ginesio in the Marche Region. The platform is fed with static and real time data from sensors leveraging on state of the art Internet-of-Things technologies.

Commenting at the meeting in situ organized by the Fondazione Merloni, Carlo Papa, Director of Enel Foundation and vice chair of ARISE, highlights that smart maps are one of the fundamental elements to ensure a holistic approach to resilience.  The creation, management and use of such maps with intuitive graphical representation allow the identification and analysis of all the essential elements of the environment we live in. Monitoring their status and unveiling interdependencies will indeed stimulate innovative solutions to address resilience challenges and create a digital platform to enable e-solutions.

San Ginesio project: link