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Cooperation with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies


Oxford, 7th November, 2017

Enel Foundation to cooperate with the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) within the framework of the OIES's Electricity Research Programme.

The purpose of the Electricity Project is to contribute to and shape the debate about the significant transformation currently underway in the electricity sector. The Project will focus on the role and design of public policy, as well as implications for end-users, companies and their business strategies concentrating on two broad themes: access, infrastructure development and efficient use of natural resources; decarbonisation and decentralisation. The Electricity Project is international in scope, with research initially concentrating on Europe, the first region having to address a significant penetration of intermittent renewable energy and greater consumer participation. Going forward, research streams for other regions where OIES has deep expertise will be added, including the US, China, India, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa.

Commenting on this new collaboration project, Carlo Papa, Director of Enel Foundation said “joining forces with OIES, a prestigious and independent research center, will expand our knowledge platform to support the transition to a more sustainable future – homogenous, resilient and fueled by innovation.”

Bassam Fattouh, Director of the Institute, had this to say on the positive interaction between the two institutions: “Our analysis of the wider implications of electricity sector developments is strengthened by EF’s direct expertise in electricity transformation and growth phenomena in Europe,  America and Africa ”.