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Latam "Energy and Climate change roundtable"


Pirque (Chile), 30th November to 1st December, 2017

Enel Foundation and the Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) host their second regional roundtable on energy and climate change policy.

After the HEEP/EF European workshop in Rome in March 2017, this second roundtable was an opportunity for Latin American experts to focus on the most pressing issues facing the Latin American Region, mainly inter-regional RES integration and the need for a shared perspective on electricity system design.

Enel Foundation also illustrated the preliminary results coming from its ongoing project on RES Deployment and Electric System Interconnections in South America held in collaboration with Italy’s CESI.

Presentations and discussions - refereed by Robert Stavins, HEEP Director - focused on issues such as: optimal regional market coupling (regulatory harmonization and cross-regional leadership to promote, plan and govern cross-border energy market integration); “fair” and “optimal” electricity pricing under hybrid or zero marginal cost of energy scenarios; the prerequisite for technical and resource neutrality in sourcing energy needs; contract flexibility to promote system resiliency; the role of demand response and battery deployment and the correct policy definitions and remuneration for energy efficiency to overcome the principal agent paradox.