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Siebel Energy Institute Italian Workshop


Turin, February 15th 2018

Enel Foundation, partner of the Siebel Energy Institute - a global consortium for innovative and collaborative energy research in data analytics -  took part in the Italian workshop organized by the Institute on the digital transformation of the energy system. 

The Siebel Energy Institute is committed to accelerate advancements in the safety, security, reliability, efficiency, and environmental integrity of modern energy systems.  

Hosted at Politecnico di Torino, the workshop gathered universities and industries experts on digitalization, infrastructures, and smart cities, providing insights into the Institute’s ongoing activities and collaboration opportunities while inspiring participants to rethink the world’s biggest challenges from an interdisciplinary and holistic perspective.

During the workshop several Siebel Energy Institute researchers presented their activities in areas ranging from Smart Grid Resilience and Understanding the Relationship Between Urban Form and Energy Consumption to Interdisciplinary Research on Energy Transition.