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Global Electrification Forum and International Electricity Summit


Washington. 2018 International Electricity Summit, April 9th-10th and Global Electrification Forum, April 11th

Enel Foundation President and CEO of Enel, Francesco Starace was one of the global energy leaders to attend the 2018 International Electricity Summit. Organized every 18 months by one of the Electricity Associations from Japan, Europe, USA, Canada or Australia, the Summit gathers senior representatives of the industry in a closed-door environment providing an opportunity for open interaction between the delegates.

Francesco Starace, who is also President of Eurelectric, the European industry body representing the electrical utilities sector, led a European delegation and reiterated the recently announced Vision of Eurelectric to decarbonize European electricity sector well before 2050.

In a statement issued  at the end of the Summit, the participating associations called upon policymakers and regulators worldwide to adopt “public policies that will spur the development of a modernized energy system” and to promote “electrification, particularly in the areas of transportation, homes, industry and smart communities”.

Enel Foundation Deputy Director Giuseppe Montesano, who chairs  the Environment and Sustainable Development Policies Committee of Eurelectric, joined the Summit as well and participated in The Edison Electric Institute  Global Electrification Forum, organized to focus on the nexus between electrification and  growth, adding value to customers and improving systems planning and operation. As the global electricity sector became the largest recipient of energy investment in 2017, reaching that historical landmark for the first time, the Forum provided a perfect occasion for senior experts and executives to examine how transportation, heating, end-use appliances and industrial processes are being electrified and transforming our economies and ways of life.

Giuseppe Montesano presented Enel Foundation research-based views on electrification, energy access, capacity building and urbanization at a panel on the topic of The New Energy Consumer: Meeting and Exceeding Expectations in an Electrified World.

“This participation to the Global Electrification Forum highlights the importance of the work Enel Foundation is doing on electrification ahead of the presentation, over the coming months, of a couple of seminal pieces of research”, the responsible commented on the sidelines of the event.


Download the Joint Statement