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Global overview of Renewables market by Oxford Energy Institute


Oxford, April 20th, 2018

Enel Foundation attended an important seminar on Global Overview of the Renewables Market organized by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES). Within the full-fledged co-operation with the Institute, established in 2017, Enel Foundation is studying the ongoing shifts in the energy scenario and anticipating crucial trends for a sustainable future.

The event took place last April 20th at St. Anthony’s College, in Oxford, and focused on "The development of renewables: barriers, options for reform and lessons for the Gulf Cooperation Council". It was a seminal opportunity to review regulatory and policy issues such as renewable deployment and Electricity market design, the role of Competitive Auctions as an indispensable policy tool for renewable energy development, financing trends for renewable energy projects, along with the current status of renewables policies in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

The seminar format included presentations by academic experts followed by interactive discussions with many stakeholders from Gulf-based scientific and academic institutes, Gulf area government’s representatives, members of OIES, energy companies and research bodies.

Enel Foundation Deputy Director Giuseppe Montesano attended the event and shared views on relevant topics such as the deployment and financing of renewables, power sector reforms and new market designs fit for higher penetration of clean energy choices. With respect to the latter, he highlighted how storage and predictive models, in particular for wind, can enhance grid reliability.      

As part of their joint efforts, Enel Foundation and OIES are committed to the production of academic papers for conferences and academic research. In addition, Enel Foundation is actively involved in different workshops and events, including the prestigious Oxford Energy Seminar.

Enel Foundation's partnership with OIES focuses on issues such as electric mobility, peer-to-peer electricity markets, Renewable Energy Sources auctions, decarbonization, market reforms in specific countries, and energy access.