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Our ongoing dialogue with Huaneng Group


Rome, 31st May 2018

The Memorandum of Understanding between Enel Foundation and Huaneng Group’s technical-economic research center HTERI focuses on identifying common strategies to embrace the ongoing energy transition. Both China and Europe have set decarbonization goals, determining substantial investments in renewable energy solutions.

Recently Enel Foundation hosted a delegation guided by HTERI Vice President Mr. Wang Yanjun, to continue the debate on the topic of the energy transition. The discussion covered main issues for the creation of an electricity system capable of ensuring sustainable development: power market design, flexibility and demand response.

As one of the leading energy corporations in China, among the five largest in the country, Huaneng Group is a highly relevant partner for an ongoing dialog on energy transition themes. The collaboration provides first hand insights on the Chinese power system, with noteworthy implications in terms of market challenges and business opportunities 

As of today, the decarbonization efforts in China imply a necessary adoption of flexible, scalable renewable solutions – a current need that is likely to increase in the future. In this scenario, with a vast country in continuous technological development on the renewable and e-mobility fronts, Enel has the great opportunity to collaborate in the design of evolutionary programs, share best practices and enter a promising market like Asia, in great need services offered on highly innovative, reliable and advanced energy, such as those that Enel is capable of providing.