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Enel Foundation joins Electrify Europe


The Electrify Europe conference & exhibition will debut this year as one of the main industry events in response to the ongoing shift in power markets and future scenarios. Enel Foundation has joined as the event’s International Scientific Research partner to share its leading expertise and research-based knowledge.

Following the announcement of the Vision of Eurelectric to decarbonize European economy well before 2050, European utilities are showing strong commitment to the development of a modernized energy system. In this context, Electrify Europe provides a perfect occasion for senior experts and executives to share knowledge on how transportation, homes, industries and entire communities are being electrified and transforming our economies and ways of life.

Carlo Papa, Director of Enel Foundation, commented, “We’re proud to join Electrify Europe as exclusive International Scientific Research partner of the event, and excited to link this participation with our research projects on electrification”. Enel Foundation is carrying out original research on economic, social and environmental benefits of increased electrification in Italy, and “Electrify Europe is a perfect occasion to share approaches and methodologies to promote cost-effective energy transition and accelerate electrification in Europe”, Carlo Papa added.

In the framework of the partnership with Electrify Europe, Enel Foundation will provide scientific support to the elaboration of conference’s main takeaways tapping into its network of academic and scientific partnerships to facilitate their dissemination.

Nigel Blackaby, Conference Director for Electrify Europe, said, “The Enel Foundation is an ideal partner for Electrify Europe, bringing as it does, a wealth of expertise and research capability towards understanding future trends in global energy systems. We welcome this relationship between Pennwell Corporation’s event promoting innovation and collaboration in clean energy systems and a leading global research organization that has a mission to actively progress knowledge and understanding in the sector”.

Electrify Europe in brief

Electrify Europe will take place in Vienna, from June 19th through the 21st: three days in which worldwide professionals, business leaders, influencers and researchers will have the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics in a multi-track conference schedule. The program is extremely diverse and provides a full-scale overview of the current energy debate: from big data, AI and blockchain to the “megatrends” decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization; from power generation to storage solutions; from the evolution of markets and demand to e-mobility and energy storage.  Over 10 thousand participants are expected, along with 250 speakers and hundreds of exhibitors that will undoubtedly create a buzzing, dynamic networking platform.

While expert panels will discuss energy opportunities and threats, a special initiative within the event will involve startups and entrepreneurs. The 2018 Electrify Innovation Challenge will allow innovators to pitch their ideas to the event attendees in another example of open innovation for electrification.

To learn more about Electrify Europe, visit its website.