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Enel Foundation and ABRADEE for SENDI 2018


Fortaleza, November 20th - 23rd, 2018

SENDI is the official event of the electricity distribution sector in Brazil. The event, promoted by ABRADEE, the Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distribution Companies, has been organized since 1962, every 2 years, aiming to share and promote experiences among electricity distribution companies. The 2018 edition, taking place in Fortaleza between 20-23 November, was co-organized by Enel Brazil highlighting the Group’s importance in the local market of electricity distribution.

Enel Foundation has joined SENDI 2018 as Knowledge Partner with the aim to share research contents on topics of relevance during the conference. Enel Foundation is carrying out original researches to define new and more effective electrification roadmaps and ensure smart grids become more and more the key elements in the energy transition, also through smarter regulation.

In particular, Enel Foundation presented a working paper on smart meters and regulation at the III International Workshop on Smart Metering Regulation, an official side event of SENDI taking place on November 21st. The presentation is part of an ongoing research effort that comprises award-winning research on Smart Meters and Consumer Behaviour and will result in the upcoming publication of a scientific paper on smart meters and energy transition. 


Scientific Partnership for the energy transition in Brazil

During the event, the Energy Institute of ABRADEE, the research branch of the Brazilian Association, also announced a Scientific Partnership with Enel Foundation. Both organizations are collaborating to accelerate research in areas of mutual interest such as edge of the grid transformation, introduction of renewable energies, smart meters, and network losses. The agreement also includes the scientific support by Enel Foundation to events promoted by the Energy Institute at different levels, and the participation of Institute’s experts in capacity building projects promoted by Enel Foundation, leveraging on its wide network of academic partnerships.

Nelson Fonseca, ABRADEE President, commented, “the Energy Institute of ABRADEE is proud to announce, during the SENDI event taking place in Fortaleza, a partnership agreement with Enel Foundation. This scientific partnership will allow exchange of knowledge and experience between the parties, generating benefits to society”. 

Carlo Papa, Director of Enel Foundation, commented, “in today’s major global transformation of the energy sector, we are glad to partner with the Instituto Abradee da Energia, convinced more than ever that DSOs are the key element to capture value for the society as whole from the entire ecosystem of electricity assets”.

The Energy Institute of ABRADEE is a non-profit organization whose mission involves carrying out studies and research, developing alternative technologies, producing and disseminating information and scientific technical knowledge to the benefit of ABRADEE and its members. ABRADEE represents 49 members and covers almost the whole electricity distribution sector the country.

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