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Accelerating electric vehicle adoption in the Middle East


Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Dubai, January 17th - 24th 2019

Enel Foundation and Global EVRT have announced a partnership for a series of groundbreaking electric mobility forums in Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Dubai on 17, 20 and 24 January 2019. Featuring interactive keynote presentations, case studies, expert panel discussions and peer-to-peer roundtable knowledge-sharing sessions, the forums aim to help shape new policy directions, discover the latest EV and eMobility innovations, and better understand the business drivers, benefits and barriers for sustainable mobility in Oman and UAE.

Pushed by significant improvements in battery efficiency, charging infrastructure development and increasing range of products available for different customer segments, electric mobility will grow at exponential rates, also in oil-rich countries. The International Energy Agency (IEA) in its most ambitious scenario delivered in the 2018 edition of the World Energy Outlook predicts that there will be 950 million electric vehicles in the world by 2040. This number roughly represents half of all the global fleet of 2 billion vehicles, but excludes other forms of electrified road transport modes. In addition, some 74 million electric light commercial vehicles and 15 million electric heavy-duty vehicles are expected to be circulating by 2040. As a consequence of this strong electrification of transport, the IEA estimates an increase of 3,4 GWh in electricity consumption worldwide by 2040 and an investment of more than USD 4 trillion between now and then on charging infrastructure, excluding grid enforcement costs.

As Scientific Partners for the WFES Mobility Forum at the World Future Energy Summit, and Official Knowledge Partners for the eMobility Forum Oman and eMobility Forum Dubai Enel Foundation will share their innovative researches on the economic, environmental and social benefits of the transition to electric mobility as well as participate in the discussion of the implications of this transition in the Middle East region.

Carlo Papa, Enel Foundation’s Director, commented, “we are thrilled to partner with Global EVRT in their Middle East eMobility event series, including the World Future Energy Summit Mobility Forum, aiming to share our latest researches and insights leaving No One Behind in the transition to sustainable mobility”.

Ben Pullen, CEO & Co-Founder of Global EVRT, said, “the global shift to electric vehicles is inevitable - and it’s gathering pace. The UAE and Oman, despite having access to some of the largest oil reserves in the world, are not immune from this tectonic shift. Both countries need to continue planning, preparing and progressing with building out the infrastructure, regulatory framework, incentives, investments and business strategies for electric vehicle adoption in order to take full advantage of the many benefits eMobility can bring, 2019 is an exciting year for electric mobility in  this region!”

The Global EVRT Middle East eMobility forums with the scientific support from Enel Foundation will bring together more than 600 decision-makers, influencers and professionals from business, government, industry, academia and civil society in UAE and Oman, to investigate the opportunities, challenges, barriers and benefits of electric, smart, autonomous and zero-carbon mobility in the region.

The forums will also showcase a variety of electric vehicles for forum attendees and the public to experience the thrill of getting behind the wheel of these game-changing automobiles and micro-automobiles. Since its inception in 2015, Global EVRT’s eMobility Forums and experiential Electric Vehicle Road Trips have covered more than 20,000km across 16 countries where over 30 charging points have been installed in Europe and the Middle East, inspiring and empowering people to make the right choices about clean transportation, new energy and sustainable living. This year they will launch in Africa for the first time and are looking forward to inspiring transformation to smarter mobility. 

More information about the agendas and participation options for the forums can be found at the following websites:

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