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Partnership with North American energy professionals network


Rome, 19th April 2019

Enel Foundation has partnered with Energy Central, a web-based network of power industry professional communities with more than 200,000 members predominantly in the US and Canada but with global reach. Energy Central is a place where professionals can share intelligent insights & conversations on all topics pertaining to the power industry and its evolving landscape into global clean energy transition.

Enel Foundation will be sharing contents through the website and digital properties of Energy Central network of communities covering utility business, generation, energy management, intelligent utilities, grids, energy and sustainability.

The partnership will see the creation of a dedicated area to spread Enel Foundation research reports, news and insights within Energy Central’s Power Industry Network. In addition to working as a free information source syndicating contents from different origins, the platform also enables collaboration for professionals in the industry. Available for different seniority levels, the Energy Central platform aggregates newcomers to the industry, qualified professionals, community experts and community leaders who are involved in different ways in the dialogue about the future of the industry.

Audra Drazga, VP of the Power Industry Network commented, “we’re really excited to offer Enel Foundation scientific research and clean energy transition insights to our readers, and looking forward to the many conversations they will spark from the best power industry experts in the US and elsewhere”.

João Duarte, Deputy Director of Enel Foundation, added, “we’re delighted that Energy Central users can now tap into the latest research and insights Enel Foundation has to offer in areas such as eMobility technology, climate change and electricity infrastructure resilience, grid integration of Variable Renewable Energy, digitalization and cybersecurity or environmental policy and economics, just to name a few”.

In addition to being a place where professionals can share intelligent insights & conversations with global power industry professionals, Energy Central offers the most comprehensive news service covering all aspects of the global power industry. Plus, Energy Central has an on-line career site jobs.energycentral.com specific for professionals working in the industry.