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Youth Film Festival on UN Agenda 2030


Milan, September 13th   

Enel Foundation partnered with the 2nd Edition of the youth Film Festival Duemila30 which took place in Milan from September 13-15 within the Milano Movie Week. Organized by students of the Quindici19 association, the international festival promotes the creation of short movies on the SDGs by young film-makers thus connecting youth, cinema and sustainable development.

The participation follows Enel Foundation’s commitment to education for sustainability, and explores the potential of Cinema as a tool to accelerate global change starting with young generations. It was also an occasion to present different ongoing initiatives such as the Siena Summer School on Sustainable Development and the first E-book on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - developed together with Treccani and ASviS - and their applications in the daily life of Italian University students.

More than 700 short films produced by high school and university students from over 25 countries entered in the competition, and 20 finalist audiovisual products were selected in two competitive categories: Sognatori (Dreamers), for high school participants presenting short movies of maximum 10 minutes, and Innovatori (Innovators), for university participants presenting short movies of up to 20 minutes maximum. An official jury, composed by film producers, filmmakers, journalists and UNRIC – Desk officer for Italy evaluated the 10 best movies presented and awarded one winner in each category.

During the festival, more than 80 students from 25 different nationalities were stimulated to produce bespoke short movies on the SDGs, attended workshops and panels to open an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue on sustainability looking to adopt individual and collective lifestyles that generate a sustainable revolution.

Enel Foundation took part in the open ceremony of the Festival, held at the Palazzo Reale, where Christian Zulberti, Head of Relationships with Universities and Research Centers, shared two stories from Enel Foundation E-Book on SDGS that were used by the young moviemakers as inspiration for short clips. The stories, authored by Francesca Garofalo (Enel Foundation scholar in the 2018 edition of Siena Summer School) and by Federico Magrin (Enel Foundation scholar in the 2019 edition), were used in the production of two audiovisual products:

  • Dear Daughter: It seems a world that has no more hope, a future already written and a decline that cannot be interrupted. But when the old man turns away feeling sorry for what he leaves, the newcomer has in his hands the immense power to generate change.
  • Who will take the next bite?: An apple that runs through the city, a link between the people who bite it: a knowledge that is the basis of a community, which makes it possible to communicate, share, collaborate.


Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation hosted the Final Ceremony, during which the "Best Short Film" awards were awarded: for the Dreamers category the Canadian Max Shoham, with his short film Sincerely Anthony; and for the Innovators category the Israeli director Ziv Hermelin-Shadar, with No bad ending.