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Enel Foundation recognized as best organization brand in energy sector


Reykjavik, September 30th, 2019

A panel of experts from the energy sector as well as professionals from branding, advertising and academia distinguished Enel Foundation as the best “organization” brand in the energy sector. The distinction was announced during the CHARGE Awards 2019 on September 30th, an event where the best energy brands in eight different categories are awarded.

An initial shortlist of over 86 companies, of which 25 were selected as finalists, contended the “best energy brand” award for the following categories: Established, Challenger, Green, B2B, Transmission, Distribution, Product & Innovation and Organization.

Enel Foundation was one of the four finalists in the category “Best Organization Brand” which was launched this year for the first time, aiming to put the spotlight on brands that further and spread public knowledge and create enthusiasm for the energy sector. The other finalists included Eurelectric, the electricity industry association at pan-European level, FEDARENE, a European network of regions and public agencies, and Student Energy, an American based but global organization working to create the next generation of energy leaders.

“We are proud to have been selected by the jury as the best energy brand in a category linked to those organizations that share knowledge and stimulate scientific debate about the ongoing energy transition.”

– João Duarte, Deputy Director of Enel Foundation.

The awarding ceremony was hosted during the Charge Energy Branding conference in Reykjavik, which takes place every year as an international knowledge sharing and networking platform to discuss the ongoing evolution of the energy sector. By focusing on energy brands, the event aims to rationalize the evolving changes in the sector, placing the relationship with the consumers at the center of its analysis. Enel Foundation joined the event as Scientific Partner and shared insights from recent research projects on energy transition.

At the event, the representative from Enel Foundation presented the main results of the Just E-volution 2030 research in a session discussing how to accelerate the energy transition, which also contained remarks by Guðmundur Guðbrandsson, Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources of Iceland.

On the second day of the event, Enel Foundation hosted a fireside chat on “applying research and knowledge in the field”. The conversation examined the progressive electrification of final uses, the ongoing transition from fossil fuel-based to renewable-based electricity, the digitalization happening in the energy space and the consequent processes of sector convergence from different corporate, academic and branding experts’ point of view.

Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir, Professor at the University of Iceland joined Fernando Ortiz Ehmann, Chief Strategy Officer of Saffron Brand Consultants and Alexander Richter, President of International Geothermal Association and editor of ThinkGeoEnergy.com, in a lively chat moderated by João Duarte.

During the discussion, relevant insights were shared on how energy brands are preparing to tackle the energy transition disruptions, how different sectors are increasingly being affected by the energy transition (automotive, commercial and industrial, residential), and how visionary company are increasingly considering corporate foundations as a valuable extension of their brands to engage specific stakeholders.