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Master on Adaptation and Mitigation solutions


Milan, October 31st, 2019

Every year in October, the world celebrates the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, an awareness initiative that has contributed to a growing attention globally towards climate change adaptation, or adjusting to better cope with the impacts of climate change already being felt. Over the last few years, many authoritative voices have highlighted the need to invest in this area while we continue to try to prevent further global warming through climate change mitigation.

The Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change - 85 scientists from 20 countries - recently presented the first scientific assessment report about climate change and environmental change impacts focused on the Mediterranean. They highlight that the Mediterranean region is warming 20% faster than global average, and predict an increase of regional temperature of 2.2°C by 2040 with current policies, demonstrating that the region is well beyond the Paris Agreement targets. They also outline potentially catastrophic impacts of this warming in food security, water resources, sea level rise, health and security and ecosystems that make the Mediterranean basin one of the most prominent hotspots of climate and environmental change in the world.

It is precisely to deal with some of these topics that Enel Foundation, as Scientific Partner, is supporting Politecnico di Torino on a brand  new and unique Master level course on “Climate Change: Adaptation And Mitigation Solutions”. The program, under the Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering, aims to offer technical basis for a deeper understanding of climate change dynamics, and introducing feasible solutions for adaptation and mitigation.

Francesco Laio from Politecnico di Torino commented, “the Master course will provide  a full understanding of the dynamics of global warming and climate change, a complete and detailed view of the currently-available technologies and solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and the ability to apply these solutions in real-world situations.”

Carlo Papa, added, “Enel Foundation is proud to be the scientific partner of this high level education program contributing to the syllabus definition and to enrich lecturing . With a boots on the ground approach, we can build on our experience in the field of climate change and resilience, and leverage on our extensive network comprising ARISE - the UN Private Sector Alliance for Resilient Societies, under the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).”

The syllabus is structured around didactic units, which include a specific module where corporate approaches to climate change are presented, followed by an internship experience that will represent the final part of the Master course. Enel Group is one of the corporate partners of the course and will be involved by presenting some cases and by hosting interns during the master.

The first offering of the program will start in January 2020, and it will have a duration of one year being open to up to 30 students per year, both Italian as well as and foreign students, who graduated from Engineering, Environmental and Geological Sciences, Agronomy or Physics, Environmental Economics. All interested candidates should visit the dedicated  web page  for further information about the call for applications.

Apply before November 29.

Master Climate Change - Brochure

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