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Fulbright Commission and Enel Foundation offer Internships for U.S. students


A new cooperation project between Enel Foundation and the Fulbright Program, an educational and cultural exchange initiative between the Italian and U.S. Governments, will offer four internships to U.S. students in the fields of Electricity, Energy transition at large and Climate mitigation.

The scholarships are offered in connection with the Study Abroad Engagement Grants (SAEG) Program, administered by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ U.S. Study Abroad Branch. SAEG grantees benefit from a funding opportunity designed to encourage strategic engagement with, or in support of, Americans studying abroad.

The initiative was designed for candidates with all degree levels, namely Bachelor, Master and Doctoral with at least two years of studies in the electricity sector in technical, policy, financial or legal fields, and a knowledge of energy technologies, markets, policies or stakeholders engagement. Following dozens of applications by U.S. students, the four winners will be announced by March and, starting from May, they will be working at the Enel Foundation’s headquarter in Rome.

Their tasks will include support to senior researchers in their research activities and specific projects, with a time commitment of up to 30 hours per week. It is also expected that applicants demonstrate ability to analyze complex information and dossiers from a wide range of scientific disciplines, prepare drafts of scientific opinions and reports, as well as have experience in publishing and peer reviewing scientific publications.

The SAEG Internship program sponsored by the Fulbright Commission will offer selected candidates the opportunity to study in Italy for three-month stays (90 days), from May to July 2020.  

Additional cooperation and Enel Foundation involvement

The Fulbright program, named after its founder and legislator Senator J. William Fulbright, is managed in Italy by the Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchanges between Italy and the United States of America since 1948. The Commission aims at promoting peace through cultural exchanges between Italy and the United States, and is a binational program funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and by the U.S. State Department. Over the years, it has fostered mutual knowledge through scholarships that encourage study, research and teaching in the two countries. 

Celebrating its 71st anniversary, the Commission recently organized an Alumni Meeting in Rome to bring together all the former scholars, both Italian and American, to strengthen the bond with the Commission and with a community that can contribute to its growth. Enel Group CEO and Chairman of Enel FoundationFrancesco Starace, attended the celebration together with numerous personalities from the academic world and private bodies that collaborate with the Commission and contribute to its development by offering competitive and thought-provoking scholarships. 

In addition to a long lasting relation with Enel Group, the Fulbright Commission and Enel Foundation have supported young Italian entrepreneurs to access international experiences and knowledge on U.S. companies through Business Exchange and Student Training (BEST). This program provides young Italians with scholarships for the intensive Entrepreneurship and Management courses offered by the Startup School of the prestigious California-based “Mind the Bridge” organization. The initiative allows the participants to step into the ecosystem of the Silicon Valley and develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Over the past few years BEST has been supported by Enel Foundation with the objective of continuing to expose young talents with a creative and entrepreneurial approach to American culture, in order to help create a high-tech entrepreneurial class in Italy and stimulate innovation and development not only in the energy sector.