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A (truly) Smarter Mobility Conference


Dubai, March 24th

With the world adjusting to a new normal, organizers of conferences and knowledge sharing events are quickly turning to digital platforms to continue and to reinforce occasions to debate and discuss topics of immediate interest.

One of Enel Foundation’s partners, Generation.e, recently hosted a fully digital Smarter Mobility World LIVE conference streaming from the Sustainable City in Dubai, where the event was originally planned to take place.

Presented by LinkedIn influencer, Roger Atkins, and CNN & Formula E TV reporter, Nicki Shields, the digital event lined up more than 50 international speakers and achieved some truly outstanding numbers. More than 18,000 viewers from over 80 different countries connected to the streaming during more than 14 hours of content over two days. The rich program curated also with the support of Enel Foundation as Knowledge Partner, featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, interviews, live demonstrations, Q&A and even a pitch series for innovative start-up companies.

Commenting on the feedback of the digital format, Ben Pullen founder of Generation.e, said “One of the main outcomes is that we realised the need to be delivering our events virtually as well as physically. Regardless of COVID-19 or not. (…) Therefore, we will be including virtual elements into all of our events going forward to ensure business, government, and consumers can join us whether they’re based in Cape Town, Cairo or Conakry. I’m excited to explore these ideas with Enel Foundation who I know is already offering huge amounts of knowledge through their digital tools”.

Generation.e also announced they will start a crowdfunding campaign through April to boost their revenue, and to ensure they can keep up their projects for the year including Smarter Mobility Africa, planned for October and which will also be supported by Enel Foundation as Knowledge Partner.

Another benefit of this format was the reduced environmental footprint, with tonnes of CO2 spared by transport, catering, waste, printed materials, accommodation and energy consumed by speakers and guests in Dubai. According to the calculations of the SEE INSTITUTE, a total of almost 100 tonnes of CO2 has been avoided considering the expected attendance and average trip and stay in Dubai.

High level contents

Among the Keynote speakers, Colin McKerracher, Head of Advanced Transport at Bloomberg NEF, reported their projections on electric vehicles’ global market and e-mobility, explaining how these contexts are evolving. Despite the current slowdown, by the end of this year, the expert still expects to see 8.5/9 million EVs on the road.

Enel Foundation Senior Researcher Mirko Armiento contributed by presenting a recent study carried out with Navigant Research on how cities around the world have been approaching urban mobility decarbonisation, focusing on the electrification of public transports so to reduce the sector’s pollution share, that currently accounts for 25% of world’s direct CO2 emissions from fuel combustion.

Click here to watch the replay of the presentation by Enel Foundation or visit the links below for the full streaming:

Day One

Day Two

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