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New Report on Euro-Mediterranean Energy Cooperation


July 22, 2020

The second annual report by SRM - Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno (Study Center related to Intesa San Paolo Group) and the Energy Security Lab (ESL) at the Energy Center of the Politecnico of Turin, “MED & Italian Energy: Fostering Renewables for new Euro-Mediterranean cooperation”, has just been published and its findings presented at a webinar on July 22.

Like its first edition, the study is the result of a collaboration project between SRM and ESL aimed at following and examining over time the evolution of the energy system of the Mediterranean area, taking into account its synergies with the maritime sector. The 2020 Report focuses on the post-pandemic green future, analyzing how COVID-19 affected the power sector and what will be the aftermath in the whole European and Mediterranean area.

Enel Foundation contributed with a focus on “The technology factor to increase the resilience of the electricity sector”, written by our Managing Director Carlo Papa, Deputy Director Giuseppe Montesano and Senior Researcher Nicolò Sartori. The analysis took into account the effects of the pandemic on electricity demand, both quantitatively and qualitatively, highlighting how investments in green, resilient and digitalized infrastructures are what allowed business continuity and a means for a prompt and sustainable economic recovery.

COVID-19 proved how resilient and green energy systems need to be, not only to withstand emergency situations and adapt to shifts in consumption patterns, but also to guarantee the success of the fight against climate change. This is even the more true in areas such as the Mediterranean and Sub Saharan continent, where extreme events, urbanization trends and population growth present a highly heterogeneous mix of electricity markets and patterns. That being the case, digitalization appears to be the most intelligent and resilient development strategy for utilities, in that it facilitates grid management, CRM, business development, and much more. 

The whole 2020 ENEMED Report was presented by Paolo ScudieriSRM President, and Guido SaraccoMagnifico Rettore of Politecnico of Turin. The Minister of External Affairs Vincenzo Amendola, together with Honorable Tiziana Beghin (Member of the Committee on International Trade) and Patrizia Toia (Vicepresident of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy) from the European Commission, participated at the event, wrapped up by Francesco Profumo, President of the Foundation Compagnia di San Paolo.

Download the focus "The technology factor to increase the resilience of the electricity sector" here.

The technology factor to increase the resilience of the electricity sector

PDF (3.57MB) Download

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