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New scientific partnership with Extreme E


October 20, 2020

Enel Foundation is glad to announce to have become the Founding Scientific Partner of Extreme E, the pioneering electric off-road motoracing series that sees electric SUVs competing in extreme environments around the world damaged by climate-related events. By using the appeal of motorsport, the five-race global voyage aims at raising awareness on climate change, highlighting its impact and human interference in some of the world’s most remote locations.

Enel Foundation - as a member and coordinator of the Scientific Committee - will advise Extreme E on Legacy Programmes while co-leading the research activities carried out with the team of world-renowned scientist across each of the ecosystems in which the series will race as well as on board the series’ floating centerpiece, the St. Helena.

Environmental data processing facilities will also be provided, together with computational capabilities and monitoring systems, making relevant existing research data available to Extreme E’s Scientific Committee across each of its five locations. This will help steer data collection and monitoring, ensure Extreme E achieves a neutral footprint and discern the causes and effects of climate change on each location.

“We are truly proud to welcome the Enel Foundation as a Founding Scientific Partner to Extreme E. The Enel Foundation is a hugely respected global partner which will strengthen the Scientific Committee with access to a wealth of research projects, leveraging on the vast knowledge of its founders and its academic and institutional partners to best-engage our global audience in our Legacy Programmes.This partnership will provide the perfect complementary platform as it seeks to strengthen and amplify the research our scientists intend to carry out through feeding findings back into the scientific community and informing the wider public beyond. The partnership will help ensure we’re developing and broadening the conversation, whilst contributing significant research and potential solutions.“

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO of Extreme E

The whole project  has five core principles: 1) promote greater environmental responsibility, 2) reduce the overall climate impact from sports, 3) use its platform to educate for climate action, 4) promote sustainable and responsible consumption, 5) advocate for climate action through its communication. After the event, Extreme E’s goal is to use its Legacy Program to leave a positive local impact for each of its hosts. By working alongside the Scientific Committee and future partners, Enel Foundation will contribute to identify solutions for the challenged communities across the Extreme E calendar, by inviting the series’ global audience to collaborate and get involved.

“We are honoured to serve in the Extreme E Scientific Committee. Convergence is the name of the game in the new normal we are all facing. Science and sport together can help win the race to a sustainable future - resilient, equal and circular - powered by affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity smartly distributed to all.”

Carlo Papa, Enel Foundation Managing Director

For the year 2021 Extreme E and Enel Foundation are pleased to announce their first open call dedicated to researchers who would be allowed to conduct research and outreach programs under the theme of ‘Racing for the planet' on the vessel St. Helena during the transits between race locations. Applications from a broad range of scientists that share the same passion for electrification, environment and equality with Enel Foundation and Extreme E are already welcome.

The St. Helena - a former cargo ship - has undergone a multi-million euro refit to minimise emissions and transform her into Extreme E’s operation hub. It will be used to transport the championship’s freight and infrastructure, minimizing Extreme E’s footprint as well as being used to facilitate scientific research through an on-board laboratory.

The Virtual Global Series Launch will be streamed on Extreme E website on Tuesday 27 October at 14 (GMT). This event will showcase the exciting new electric off-road racing series set for its inaugural season in 2021 and Founder and CEO Alejandro Agag will take the audience Through Extreme E and its ambitious plans surrounding electrification, environment and equality.

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