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“Climate has already changed”: a new report to raise awareness on the new normal in cities and share knowledge on best practices


November 25, 2020

Enel Foundation has joined forces with Cittàclima Observatory by Legambiente for the cittàclima Report2020. The Report aims to raise awareness on the new normal and to share knowledge on adaptation-mitigation opportunities and best practices looking at the last 10 years with a focus on cities.

Raising awareness on climate risks exposure is indeed the first step towards saving lives while minimizing damages. Enel Foundation has contributed to the report by sharing its scientific expertise on climate socio-economic risk assessment and specific know-how in digital mapping and best practices analysis in the infrastructure sector.

The report illustrates Enel Foundation’s research project - together with Venice International University (VIU) and in cooperation with the Euro Mediterranean Center For Climate Changes (CMCC) and Confindustria Belluno - to identify the hazards threatening the Belluno Province’s Area in the Alpine Region pointing at mitigation and adaptation solutions. In fact, predictions in the Alpine Region see climate change affecting temperature, precipitation seasonality intensity, global radiation, relative humidity and frequency of extreme rainfalls and floods. By performing Socio‐Economic Regional Risk Assessment (SERRA)’s analysis, the project will make available to the local business community and civil society multilayered digital maps to run climate change scenario analysis and lay down holistic adaptation and mitigation plans.

Climate change, disaster risk reduction and resilient scientific researches are at the core of our work in Enel Foundation, operating at institutional level as a supporting partner of the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)'s campaign “Making Cities Resilient 2030” to reduce risk and develop urban resilience for the benefit of communities all over the world, and in the education realm cooperating with Politecnico of Turin for their Master in Climate Change: Adaptation and mitigation solutions and Politecnico of Milan where we are offering in cooperation with the PhD School a training opportunity for students on resilience with a specific focus on strategic and operational issues.

Carlo Papa - Enel Foundation Managing Director - commented:

“We are honored to cooperate with Legambiente’s team, contributing to the effort to mitigate and adapt rapidly to the new normal we are living in. Sharing best practices  in the smart mapping and class infrastructure operation spaces  and converinge towards new essential ventures such as the Agenzia Meteo Italia - are paramount for all, given all the climate changes: either we will stand together or fall together.”

Edoardo Zanchini, Legambiente Vice President, added:

“The Observatory that we have promoted to understand the impact of extreme weather phenomena on cities and on the Italian territory, expands both its goals and collaborations. We’re glad to present the new Report together with Enel Foundation, starting a crucial partnership to emphasize the need for expanding and enhancing knowledge on the situation of the territories, possible risks and preventive measures that can be put in place in the direction of smart mapping. The data and analysis we presented on November 25 describe the new normal meteo condition and its impacts on the Italian urban areas. Our goal is to contribute to increase information exchange and knowledge on Italian climate scenario, showing the advantages and best practices in the adaptation realm.”

The Report was presented on November 25 on the live-streamed event “Climate has already changed” in which impact risks and policies for cities and territories’ adjustment to climate changes were discussed. Our Managing Director, Carlo Papa, participated to the conversation coordinated by Edoardo Zanchini (Vice President, Legambiente) together with Andrea Minutolo and Gabriele Nanni (Legambiente), Donatella Spano (CMCCUniversità di Sassari), Francesca Giordano (Ispra), Roberto Morassut (Undersecretary of Ministry of the Environment), Irene Priolo (Region of Emilia Romagna), Marco Granelli (Assessor of Minicipality of Milano), Erasmo D’Angelis (Secretary of Autorità di bacino Appennino Centrale), Maria Luisa Parmigiani (Head of Sustainability at Unipol).

Read here the cittàclima Report2020

cittàclima Report2020

PDF (3.45MB) Download

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