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2021 Demo Day of Innovation for Change


July 2, 2021

Innovation for Change (I4C) is one of the most innovative impact programs in Italy and it engages outstanding individuals to solve real problems with practical solutions. By uniting researchers, managers, entrepreneurs and storytellers, it fosters multidisciplinary collaboration and disruptive innovation, aiming to move faster towards the UN’s Sustainable Development GoalsThe 2021 edition is supported by IdeaSquare, the experimental innovation department of CERN, Enel Foundation, Fondazione Agnelli and - for the first time - Arduino as prototyping partner.

On July 2 the Auditorium of Scuola Holden hosted the 2021 Digital Demo Day, where the 64 participants presented their projects to a jury formed by John Elkann, Chairman of Exor, Stellantis and Fondazione Agnelli, Fabiola Gianotti, General Director at CERN, Oscar Farinetti, member of the board of Holden School and Founder of Eataly and Green Pea, and the Italian Ministry of the Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani.

The talents who participated were grouped in 8 teams that addressed the 8 challenges launched by the participating companies over the course of 5 months of classes and team works. Each team developed a project that solves their respective challenge and, at the same time, has an impact measure perspective that embraces a strategy and roadmap approach in a timeline of 20 weeks20 months and 20 years. Each team was made by participants coming from different academic backgrounds, including MBA fellows from Collège des Ingénieurs Italia, PhD students from Politecnico di Torino and storytellers from Scuola Holden.


The 2021 Challenges were:

• AGC: How to apply circular economy to building façades?

• Arduino: How to improve our wellbeing at home by encouraging hackable interactions and making modern technologies simple to use?

• Banca Mediolanum: How to reinvent the future of work?

• CNH Industrial: How to improve the physical and mental conditions of farmers and actively support them during isolation?

• Enel: How to effectively communicate with customers during emergency situations?

• DSM: How to leverage the potential of digestive microbiomes to improve animal health?

• The Italian Ministry of Justice: How to increase the number of institutions offering rehabilitation and re-education to people on probation?

• RAI Way: How to enable communities through interactive, easy-to-manage services integrated into the TV devices?

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