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Engaging youth on energy transition and ESG competencies


September 30, 2021

On occasion of Youth4Climate and the Pre-COP 26 (Milan, September 2021), Bocconi University will host today in collaboration with Enel Foundation and Educazione Digitale a special hybrid session of Mind the Gaps in order to foster a dialogue on sustainability, energy transition and new competencies. Experts, top managers and academics will discuss equal distribution of wealthclimate change and energy transition and their impact on a more sustainable future, engaging the generation that will drive the sustainable development of tomorrow. 

Mind the Gaps is a digital live tour developed in spring 2021 by Enel Foundation that virtually unfolded across Italian regions engaging high school and university students aimed to address the gap between secondary and academic education and Italy’s just energy transition. The hybrid session will build on top of the results of “Giovani e Futuro” (Youth and the Future), a research carried out by Istituto Piepoli in collaboration with Enel Foundation.

The study focused on the future trends of Millennials and Generation Z and addressed different questions: which are the new trends of sustainability and its relationships with finance? Why are ESG competencies so important and how they affect professional careers? Are there new opportunities and skills required in the job market? What will change in terms of technology and well-being, and how? 

The access to the physical event will be restricted to Bocconi students only, while the online streaming (on here) will be open to everybody by using enel@unibocconi.it as access email.



5:00pm-5:10pm           Welcome Addresses

                                       Gianmario Verona, Rector, Bocconi University

                                       Michele Crisostomo, Chair, Enel Group

5:10pm-5:20pm           Ice breaking speech on “Giovani e Futuro” Research

                                       Livio Gigliuto, Vicepresident, Istituto Piepoli

                                      Valentina Bosetti, Chair, Terna and Full Professor at Bocconi University

5:20pm-5:50pm            Roundtable “Value for a sustainable future. Are ESG enough to

                                       address the climate emergency?” moderated by Professor Stefano Pogutz

                                       Alessandro Terzulli, Chief Economist at Sace

                                       Nicole Della Vedova, Head of Corporate Finance of enel Group

                                       Silvia Ainio, Policy Officer, European Commission

                                      Anne Jacqueminet, Professor, Bocconi University


5:50pm-6:00pm          Q&A Session

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