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The African century: youth and sustainability


October 1, 2021

This is a crucial time for Africa, as big technological, social, economic and political changes are underway and shaping the development of the continent towards being more sustainable and resilient. The 21st century could be the time when Africa achieves all that could not be done over the course of the past decades, and that is especially thanks to the contribution and active participation of the younger generations.

Akronos will hold, in collaboration with Enel Foundation and Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo, “African Century: Youth”, a hybrid event on the role of African youth in the continent’s sustainable development. This is the third chapter of a broader project, dedicated to the great and positive changes Africa is experiencing. The first two chapters focused on energy and agriculture, while this one zooms in on the role of youth in a variety of sectors, from agritech to migrations, from energy to art, with a special attention on environmental sustainability as cross-sectoral trope.

The multimedia project focuses on Kenya, Senegal and South Africa, and will result in the realization of a web-documentary and of photographic book. The presentation event, that sees LaRepubblica and Green and Blue as media partners, is part of the All4Climate agenda, organized for the Pre-COP 26.




5pm                Opening remarks

                        Carlo Papa, Managing Director, Enel Foundation

                        Emilio Ciarlo, Direttore rapporti istituzionali e comunicazione, AICS

5:15pm           African Youth, the project

                       The project The African Century

                       Riccardo Venturi, Author, Akronos

                       The new face of Africa

                        Lorenzo Colantoni, Author, Akronos

                       Young women from the continent

                       Arianna Massimi, videomaker Akronos

Photo and video presentation of the stories of the project

5:40pm         Sustainability, development and the new Africa

                       Astou Ndiaye Toure, delegate, Youth4Climate Senegal

                       Sibusiso Mazomba, delegate, Youth4Climate South Africa

                       Brian K Maina, delegate, Youth4Climate Kenya 

6:10pm          Debate & Q&A


6:30pm          End of event


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