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"Chile Territorio Futuro" holds its first face-to-face meeting


August 05, 2022

Chile Territorio Futuro, the initiative coordinated by the Center for Innovation in Cities of the Faculty of Architecture of the UDD and promoted by the Enel Foundation, brought together on August 4th experts from different fields to discuss the future of Chile. The event was chaired by Pablo Allard, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad del Desarrollo, and was attended by Christian Zulberti, Deputy Director and Head of Relations with Universities and Research Centers of the Enel Foundation.

During the months of June and July the team gathered data from interviews and virtual exchanges with experts in the political, social, economic, legal, technological and environmental fields in order to start mapping possible scenarios for Chile in 2050. The dialogue led to the identification of emerging processes in new technologies and demands for greater environmental justice, innovative forms of citizen participation and recognition of regional realities, transformations in the energy and food industries, ways of inhabiting urban and rural territories taking into account people's daily experience, and changes in production models with a regenerative and environmentally friendly perspective, among others. 

The meeting gathered a diverse pool of social actors of different ages, profiles and fields of work, and it aimed to lead to the design of action strategies that will require active involvement and participation of the citizens.

The plans identified and prioritized  will be further analyzed in the next workshop in September. The work of Chile Territorio Futuro will continue until the end of the year in its first stage, and then continue with a second phase where the action strategies designed can be prototyped and scaled up to the level of public policies.

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