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Presentation of the BIRDIE-S research project, Sardinia


October 6, 2022

BIRDIE-S, an acronym for "Build the Innovative Renewable and Digitally Inclusive Electrified Sardinia", is a research study that has analysed the outlook of electrification for final users, highlighting the resulting environmental, social and economic benefits. The study was performed by researchers from Enel Foundation, University of Cagliari and the Polytechnic University of Turin.

It confirmed that electrification of final consumption is key to the energy transition, while also offering energy security and price stability. It could represent an enormous opportunity for growth in Sardinia, but concrete action is needed to fund initial investments and introduce innovation throughout all parts of society.

The study is structured into three phases:

  1. Analysis of the energy system in the Region of Sardinia;
  2. Definition of a scenario for the development of energy demand, considering the specific aspects of the area and the prospects of growth defined at national and international level;
  3. Analysis of the results of the development scenario proposed, and the assessment of its efficacy in terms of changes in energy consumption, the use of renewable sources, the reduction of noxious emission, and its social and economic impact (effects on health and the consequent reduction in heath expenditure).

The study is completed by a sensitivity analysis that looks at various factors: phasing out of fossil fuels by 2030, an increase in the rate of refurbishment of homes, changes in price of electrical energy and gas, and variations in the mix of energy products.

The results of the research study will be presented on 6 October 2022, at the University of Cagliari. The session will be opened by Francesco Mola, Dean of the University of Cagliari, followed by contributions by Paolo Truzzu, Mayor of Cagliari, Anita Pili, Head Councillor for Industry, Autonomous Region of Sardinia, and Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Enel Italia.

After a speech by Professor Aldo Berlinguer (University of Cagliari), Prof. Fabrizio Pilo will present the results of the BIRDIE-S project. A panel on how to promote the electrification of consumption will follow, moderated by Laura Giovannini from Enel Foundation, with the participation of environmental associations (Stefano Ciafani, President of Legambiente, industry associations (Maurizio De Pascale, President of Confindustria Sardinia), with Prof. Ettore Bompard from the Polytechnic University of Turin, and organisations (Massimo Temussi, General Director, Regional Programming Centre for the Autonomous Region of Sardinia).

From the industrial side, speakers are Nicola Rossi, Head of innovation at Enel Green Power and TGX, Gioacchino Marino Cerrato, Head of Sardinia Regional Area for E-Distribution, Sardinia Regional Area Armando Fiumara Head of Marketing, Enel X Italy.  

Download the digital summary at this link.

For more details on the BIRDIE-S project, its findings, and its impact, explore the full report here.

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