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White Book on Italy’s Digital Economy

White Book on Italy’s Digital Economy


Enel Foundation contributed to preparation of the White Book on Digital Economy curated by the Digital Economy Centre (CED), officially presented at a round table on July 15, 2020. The research was carried out in collaboration with EniLeonardoOpen FiberTIMTinexta Group and RAI.

The book focuses on the state of the digitalization process in Italy and highlights the effects of the digital transformations in the social, corporate and public spheres. More specifically, the aim of the research is twofold: on the one hand it analyzes the polyhedral nature of the digitalization process from a technological, socio-cultural and economic point of view, setting Italy’s situation in a global context; on the other it looks ahead, putting forward policy proposals able to foster all the transformations - digital and non-digital - under way. It thus takes under consideration how and which changes need to be enforced at an individual, corporate and public level, offering an overview of the legislative and regulatory framework needed to enable national economic growth.

Thanks to the contribution of some of the greatest players in the context of digital transformations in Italy, the book fully represents the multifaceted nature of the change under scrutiny, taking into account issues related to cybersecurity, big data, AI, Internet of Things, smart cities, justice and job markets, among others.

As Italy will be one of the countries that will most depend on its response to world challenges stemming from climate change and technological progress, it is pivotal that it follows European strategic lines of action, pushing first of all decarbonization and digitalization investments. Francesco Starace, CEO and Director General of Enel & Chairman of Enel Foundation, writes: “Utilities play a key role in the complex mosaic of reforms aimed at preserving occupation, creating new jobs and fostering a national economic and sustainable growth. … The scalability and flexibility of digital solutions add importance to all stakeholders’ contributions in delineating strategic choices, touching all sectors of the Country.”

The presentation of the White Paper was streamed live by ANSA from the Regione Lazio in Rome and attended by esteemed figures from the private and public sector. Carlo Bozzoli, Head of Global Digital Solutions of Enel Goup, was one of the speakers, together with Rosario Cerra, President of CED; Antonio Parenti, Head of Representation in Italy at the European Commission; Stefano Patuanelli, Italian Minister of Economic Development; Claudio Descalzi, CEO of ENI; Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo; Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Open Fiber; Fabrizio Salini, CEO of RAI; Luigi Gubitosi, CEO of TIM; Danilo Cattaneo, Amministratore Delegato Infocert, TINEXTA; and Luigi Contu, ANSA Director, who moderated the session.

Carlo Bozzoli commented: “Digital transformation is not only an ambition, but a true necessity to be transformed into opportunity. The pandemic proved it: small, medium and big companies found themselves facing an extraordinary situation that highlighted how key digitalization is for operational continuity.”

Download here the White Paper.


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