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Civis - Cities as driver of social changes

Civis - Cities as driver of social changes


The project, financed by the EC 7th Framework Programme for Research & Development (call: FP7-ICT-2013.6.4: optimizing energy systems in smart cities), aims at developing an integrated ICT platform linking energy grids at the city level to social/business levels, through an active engagement of local users and players. Project outcomes are a decision support system and/or a management and control system for energy efficient neighborhoods, able to conjugate and foster societal challenges for enhanced services. CIVIS focuses on the ICT-enabled social dimension for harnessing the innovation potential of individuals and collectives with respect to energy prosumption. It contributes to the design of a fairer, more sustainable, energy-optimised smart city (linking energy, ICT and society) to achieve, at the same time, significant impacts in terms of CO2 reduction and new forms of social innovation.



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