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Crowd Investing

Crowd Investing


Crowdfunding, or the financing of no-profit or for-profit projects through internet campaigns is quickly gaining momentum as an alternative source of funding - especially, but not only - for start-up companies without a consolidated credit history.

The first Italian Report on Crowd-investing was published in June 2016 and described the situation of the alternative finance market in Italy, focusing on equity crowdfunding, social lending and invoice trading. At date of pubblication, €46 million had been raised through the Internet by Italian crowdinvesting portals, contributing to support startup creation and SME financing. This amount was much lower than in more mature alternative financing markets such as the US or the UK.

The second report, out in July 2017, recounts how a further €138.6M were collected in Italy over the previous year. The Report describes the numbers and statistics of a growing industry in Italy and which catalyses huge resources globally - making the so-called 'alternative finance' of Internet marketplaces an element that can no longer be neglected.



Osservatorio Crowd-investing (Source: osservatoriocrowdinvesting)


Crowd Investing report 2017 (IT)

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Crowd Investing report 2016 (IT)

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