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Harvard Environmental Economics Program

Harvard Environmental Economics Program


Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP) High Level Policy Training

Multi-year, multi-region program managed by the Harvard Environmental Economics Program (HEEP)  with Enel Foundation support, aiming to forge virtuous interactions with and between senior policy and subject matter experts. The Program includes Executive Training at Harvard, follow-up Workshops at a regional level and follow-up webinars. Continuous interaction is ensured through the program’s Harvard run website where sample materials, participant lists and recommended readings can also be found. Since 2013 more than 100 high level subject matter experts from business, government and academia and 15 countries have frequented the course at Harvard and subsequent recalls, allowing for the cross-fertilization of ideas on policy development for a sustainable Energy Transition.

After the premature passing of one of the first alumni, Ana Aguado, a leader in European energy policy and business communities, Enel Foundation decided to sponsor one of three prizes given yearly to Harvard University students for the best research papers addressing a topic in environmental, energy, or natural-resource economics.

The 2017 Ana Aguado Prize for the Best Paper by a Doctoral Student was awarded to Park, Jisung for a paper entitled: “Will We Adapt? Labor Productivity and Adaptation to Climate Change.”