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Renewable energy for Africa- Advanced Training Course

Renewable energy for Africa- Advanced Training Course


Advanced Training Course 2019: "Deployment of renewable energy solutions: challenges and opportunities"

Enel Foundation is supporting the 6th edition of the Advanced Training Course (ATC) focused on "Deployment of renewable energy solutions: challenges and opportunities”. The initiative is promoted by RES4Africa Foundation, and organized in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business – MIP, and Bocconi University.  The advanced training course will be held in Milan from 18th to 29th November 2019 and the call for applications is Open for young, high-level, professionals serving in public institutions, energy companies, energy centers, universities and research agencies, operating in all the African Countries (Southern, Northern, Western, Eastern and Central Africa).

The 6th edition of ATC will involve up to 70 participants and aims at providing them with a set of technical, economic and regulatory core competences and advanced tools to assess and deploy the most appropriate solutions in different energy contexts for an efficient and effective integration of renewables in emerging electricity markets, whilst nurturing an international network of experts.

Click here to read the call for applications and download the Registration Form. (Note: you will be directed to the dedicated page at the Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa Foundation website)

Previous editions

Enel Foundation has been a partner of the ATC initiative since its inception in 2014 and has since supported the continuous training of professionals and middle managers working in the public and private sector as well as in energy centers, universities and research agencies operating in the Mediterranean Basin and across the rest of Africa.

The 5th edition of the training, for example, involved over forty participants from Southern-Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa countries such as Zambia, Morocco, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan, Somalia and Ghana.

The course is divided into lectures on the main technical, regulatory and financial features given by qualified international and Italian experts, academics and highly skilled technicians, and visits to innovative laboratories and power plants. The training is structured in a way to favor the sharing of experiences among participants by means of direct involvement and through fruitful interaction in group study activities.

Agenda 2014

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Agenda 2015

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Agenda 2016

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Agenda 2017

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Agenda 2018

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Agenda 2019

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