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The future is now: are you ready?

The future is now: are you ready?


In an increasingly digital and ever-changing economy, the spread of digital and entrepreneurial skills is an extremely current and relevant topic. Enel Foundation is therefore proud to be a partner of the “The Future is now: are you ready?” research initiative.

2017 Research set the following objectives:

1. analyze the diffusion of digital and entrepreneurial skills among university students and evaluate their evolution over the two-year period, 2015-2017;

2. map the training offer on the themes of digital innovation and entrepreneurship at Italian universities;

3. Investigate the HR Manager's point of view regarding the digital soft skills and the entrepreneurial mindset of the talents of the future.

At a final conference in December 2017 in Milan, the results presented  involved over 4000 university students and 250 HR Managers from the main Italian companies.

For further information and to download research conclusions please follow the following link.