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Youth boosting Energy Transition

Youth boosting Energy Transition


With the Pre-COP26 now starting in Milan (30/09-02/10) and the COP26 slowly approaching (Glasgow, 31/10-12/11), it’s of outmost importance to involve and engage youth in all discussions, so to build all together a more sustainable future.

This is why we’ve been collaborating with IRENA to offer a platform for discussion on energy transition and climate change for the younger generations, working side by side with them. In June 2021, IRENA launched a Youth Talk program where, together with experts, academics and youth representatives, we’ve discussed the relation of energy transitions and equity, youth powering sustainable energy technology, and the importance of international cooperation to address climate change.

We collected some of the most insightful contributions the attendants made during these online events in a video clip, we hope you’ll enjoy it!