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Anita Del Pizzo


Anita Del Pizzo holds a master degree cum Laude in Electrical Engineering at University of Naples Federico II. During her employment she gained extensive knowledge of the energy sector ranging from urban and suburban transport, to the design of civil and industrial electrical systems and to the MV/LV Distribution Networks.

Before graduating, Anita undertook an internship in S.E.P.S.A. S.p.A., where she after being hired. In S.E.P.S.A. S.p.A. she joined the Network Area, where she was involved in signaling, substation systems, and contact lines.

Afterwards, she joined Enel Group in April 2007, in the Infrastructure and Networks Division headquarters in Naples, where she enriched her experience initially working on grid connection of free market customers, and later on planning and management of technical activities on MV/LV lines. In 2009, as part of the project POI (Piano Operativo Interregionale - Interregional Operational Plan) funded by the Minister of Economic Development, she worked in the first phase of the project ("site preparation -  structural interventions to enable the realization of the innovative features of its smart grids”). In 2010, she moved to Rome in the Network Technologies department, where she managed the development and operation of “STWeb” applications for the management of MV data from the Remote Control System. As smart metering expert, she contributed to the development of the client application "Contatori on Demand", for which Enel Distribution was awarded by the “European Utility Awards” in the category Business Performance.

Anita joined Enel Foundation in 2014 and brings her experience in electrical systems and Distribution Networks. As a senior researcher, she works on energy transition studies with a focus on electrification, energy communities, and network resilience.